June 20, 2014

For Pink's Sake Blog Hop

I am very pleased to be a stop on the For Pink's Sake Blog Hop today. Anna at Life Sew Crafty is hosting this blog hop to raise awareness and funds for her mother-in-law who is currently battling breast cancer. 

My mother is a breast cancer survivor and I have been considered "high risk" for breast cancer as well.  I've been getting regular mammograms since my early thirties and am so lucky that I have not had any problems yet. However, I have two women in my life right now who are currently battling this terrible disease. One, diagnosed in her late thirties, the other in her early forties.  This disease does not discriminate and we need to be VIGILANT, ladies, about our screenings!  A few months back, I saw these adorable snacks online and had to laugh!! 


If you can't have a sense of humor about these things, don't come a-sittin' next to me :)  I didn't have the courage to make them for my office. Maybe next year...

But I digress!

Anna is asking for people to contribute a pink block for a quilt that she will be donating to the Lemmen-Holton Cancer Center - what a great cause!  Check out Anna's blog for the details.

To be completely honest, I have done almost no sewing in the last month. Between school ending and 5 day-a-week swim practice plus all day meets on Saturday, I haven't had a moment to myself!

So, I haven't made my pink block yet for Anna, but I'm planning on contributing a mini-Swoon from Thimble Blossoms.  I thought it would be super cute in pinks:

Here are the other ladies who are creating blocks for Anna. Please check out their blogs and see what they are working on.

May 10
May 24

June 7

June 21

July 5

July 19

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  1. Your mammo-grahams are hilarious and make up for the missing block! I love your attitude and hope that you remain on the cancer-free list.
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  2. I love mini swoons, should be a great addition and can't wait to see it!

  3. A mini Swoon will be lovely! You know, in England, we don't get mammograms until we get to 50 or 55... crazy!


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