February 16, 2014

Poll Results - Farmer's Wife of Dear Jane

Well, the results are in - I had 48 responses to my question, Farmer's Wife or Dear Jane?

And here is what you thought...

I'm still a little on the fence.  I have the Farmer's Wife book, and it looks like a ton of fun,  but am thinking about purchasing Dear Jane as a supplement to EQ.  I think I could really do a lot within EQ in the way of design and planning of a Dear Jane. This is a very long term goal - I'm thinking for our 2016 guild show... So for now, I'm still undecided. Have you done either of these?  

Happy President's Day to all of you. Shhh, don't tell my kids, but my husband and I are putting them in camp all day tomorrow and we get a whole day at home. ALONE. That never happens.  I see some serious sewing in my future :)

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  1. So much fun to have a whole day to yourself.

  2. I finished my Farmer's Wife quilt about 18 months (ish) ago. It was one of the first quilts I ever started and finished and I learned so so much about choosing fabrics, quilt maths, blogging... I took part in the quilt along which really helped. There's a new quilt along this year on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/groups/farmerswife2014/ - just mutual support and no pressure. I've missed making these blocks so much that I've started making another one..... but in totally different fabrics.

    I'm also working on a Dear Jane quilt. This is a whole other level. The blocks are generally much more complex - each one is challenging me to think outside the box on how to complete it - rotary cutting/foundation piecing/English paper piecing/dreaded templates/applique/combination of all. There is a great website with tutorials for each block - http://thatquilt.blogspot.co.uk/ but I've found that sometimes I can think of slightly easier ways (especially with EPP as an option to avoid nasty Y-seams).

    That was a long response but in summary - both are great quilts! Loads to learn, loads of challenges, highly addictive = make both! Good luck and I look forward to seeing which one you pick!

  3. i have the Farmer's wife book and templates and fabric all ready to go, just need to make time for the commitment and all the other quilts i want to make. lol


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