February 26, 2014

Party In A Pinch: Easy Dinner Napkin Tutorial

I love having crafty, talented friends.  Today, I am helping out two amazing bloggers, Erin from Fig + Cotton and Katie from Spray Paint & Chardonnay to bring you this gorgeous, simple cheese board and personalized serving tray.  My small contribution to the effort was the napkin which added a fun pop of color to their beautiful spread.

Spray Paint & Chardonnay will show you how to make this custom stamped serving tray (a perfect hostess gift, in my opinion), and Fig + Cotton will give you all the details on putting together this quick and simple but sophisticated-looking cheese board.  Please check them out, once you start looking around, I promise you will want to check in on them often.

So, here is how you make this super simple napkin...

Materials needed for one napkin: one square of fabric, at least 18 x 18 inches. One yard of fabric (36" x 42") should be just enough to make four napkins made with 18 inch squares (make sure you account for your selvedges in your overall calculation).

Here, I used Botanics crosshatch in orchid by Carolyn Friedlander. I seriously love this color - it's the Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid, and it's just so rich and lush. I may need to order lots lots more....

On the wrong side of the fabric, mark a line using a chalk, pencil or a Frixion pen one inch from each corner and stop where the lines intersect.  Repeat on all four sides.

Fold the corner to line up with the bottom left corner of the square.

Fold the fabric one more time, again lining up with the bottom left corner of the square. Press well.
(in the picture below, you can still see a dot where the bottom left corner of the square is)

Fold the raw edges of the fabric over once, making sure to form a mitered corner at the edge by bringing each edge of the fabric to the bottom left corner again (shown in the picture above).  Press well or pin if desired.  Repeat on all four corners, pressing the edges along the way.

Go back over each of the four sides, folding the raw edge back under, to create a finished, turned under edge.  Press along the way, or pin, if desired.

Once you have gone back over all edges, the back of your napkin should look like this.

Using the thread color of your choice, stitch around the outside of your napkin on all four sides, taking care to match the mitered corners. 

That's it - super simple, right? You can have perfectly coordinated napkins for dinner in no time!

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