February 10, 2014

Economy Blocks, Part II

I finished setting my economy blocks last night - see here for my previous post on setting options. I ended up using Kona Bone for sashing and setting triangles because I didn't like the idea of cutting a bunch of my blocks in half, especially since I fussy cut the centers. I was worried about losing too much of the centers.  I think it came out really well and it breaks up the blocks so they aren't too busy this way.  Now, I need to decide about borders (yes or no?), binding and backing.  It's pretty small at this point, around 25" square, so I think I need to add some type of border...

For those of you creating economy blocks, how are you setting them?

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  1. Oh, they look nice set on point! I hadn't thought of doing that. I am just churning mine out still and haven't really given much thought yet to how the whole lot is going to look together!

  2. I don't have the room in my schedule for an economy block quilt, but I'm definitely going to sew up a few sometime because they're so darn cute!

  3. I made 99 blocks set 9 x 11. I love every single one. Your setting is very sweet

  4. I love the fussy cutting, and really must get round to doing some myself. can't wait to see how you finish it.

  5. I really love your fabrics and fussy cutting, the blocks are very sweet. Using the kona bone for sashing was a good choice to, like you said it's not too fussy and it makes the colourful happy block really pop and each one shines in it's own colours and design. This will be stunning when it's finished; probably my favourite Eco block quilt that I've seen actually. Great work!


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