December 17, 2013

2013 Year In Review - Bees and BOM's

I had a BLAST this year with two bees and one Block of the Month.  Now, I'm a little {ahem} behind on the BOM, and just a touch behind on my bees, but that's ok - I'm still going to own all of the cool blocks I did this year :)

Thanks to all my Color Bee Shocked  and Get Your Hex On! Hive #1 ladies.

Also, thank you to Elizabeth Dackson from Don't Call Me Betsy for a fun Lucky Stars BOM - I'll likely be seeing you again in 2014!

Well, here they are:

1. 6 1/2 inch practice block, 2. Practice Block, 3. Lucky Stars BOM - January Block, 4. Lucky Stars BOM, 5. March - Ninja Star for Lucky Stars BOM, 6. January bee block, 7. Color Bee Shocked December block for Erin., 8. Get Your Hex On - February Bee Block, 9. January (left) and February (right), 10. Color Bee Shocked February block, 11. February Hexagon Hearts so far!, 12. March block for Mara, 13. Color Bee Shocked November block for Anna., 14. March block for Mallory, 15. April Lucky Stars BOM, 16. Giant churn dash for Caryn - April block, 17. Water hexagon block, 18. May block for Karri - enjoy!, 19. Lucky Stars BOM - May, 20. June block, 21. May butterfly block for Ms. Spy, 22. July Block for Erin, 23. Irish Chain - August block for Karen, 24. Get Your Hex On! August block, 25. Lucky Stars BOM July Block, 26. Lucky Stars Practice Block 2.0, 27. October block for Julie, 28. September block - better late than never, right?, 29. Get Your Your Hex On! October block for Deanna :) this is so fun and will make a gorgeous quilt!30. Not available

I have a few more photos to work on for my completed quilts round up - hopefully can get that posted this weekend! It's really amazing when you look back at the year and see all that you accomplished, I hope you do the same.

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  1. Nice blocks. I have been having fun with my Get Your Hex On blocks. I finished up December and will mail it shortly.


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