October 7, 2013

Catching Up!

Wow, it feels like ages since I've posted.  I had a wonderful time at my quilting retreat last weekend.  Seriously, with a view like this, how could you not have a good time.  

There were nine of us sewing together and all of the proceeds went to support Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  I couldn't ask for more. 

I actually got some sewing done!  Here is my Broken Herringbone quilt top - looking fantastic, if I do say so myself!

I also finished this little quilt which will be used by a friend who is a photographer and was wanting a quilt for photographing newborns - it is blue/gray on one side and pink/purple on the other so it can be used for either little boys or girls.

I finally finished my Swoon blocks, wow, what a relief ~ and boy, I love these!!
Quilt retreats rock! :-) #swoon2013

I got started on my Double Wedding Ring - I will get some pictures posted of the progress on that soon. Boy, am I glad I had that laser cut! I think that will be a lifesaver.

Finally, I got all of the rows pieced for a t-shirt quilt I am doing for some friends.  Wow, what a busy weekend!

And just to top off the amazing weekend, I received a swap package for the Halloween Sewing Swap and I was just floored by its awesomeness! Thank you so much to my partner Mary Gardina!
This is just the jump start I need to get ready for fall!

Have a wonderful week everyone!  I've been posting lots of progress pics on Instagram of all my projects, so please friend me if you are on IG, I'd love to follow you too :)


  1. Your Broken Herringbone really is fantastic! Your little boy & girl is really cute! You really were quit productive at your quilt retreat!

  2. I love your broken herringbone. How productive you've been!

  3. Love the broken herringbone. You did a beautiful job!


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