October 23, 2013

Busy Little Bee!

Wow ~ I guess I was not totally prepared to have two children in elementary school as well as sports commitments, working full time and trying to also volunteer to chair our Guild's 2014  QuiltFest all at the same time.  I have been living in a whirlwind the last few months! 

I have also started a local petition regarding the safety of the Highway where I live and was interviewed by the news yesterday and have been working to get the attention of the transportation authorities! There have been multiple deaths and terrible accidents out by my house and I've just decided that something needs to be done.  If you would like to sign my Change.Org petition regarding the safety of the highway, I would appreciate it. You don't have to be local to agree that safety is an important issue! 

On to a lighter topic - my quilting bees! I had to seriously buckle down and finish up some bee blocks and get those out the door. My sincere apologies for those that were {ahem} a little late...

Get Your Your Hex On! October block for Deanna :) this is so fun and will make a gorgeous quilt!

October block for Julie

September block - better late than never, right?

Also, I've finally quilted this Christmas Star table runner/wall hanging.  I'm absolutely in love with this - hence why it will be a wall hanging, not a table runner, where it might get food on it!! I'm thinking about entering this in the Blogger's Quilt Festival, so I may have a longer post on this later this week, with better photos and stats.  Hope you are working on something fun today!!

Paper pieced Christmas table runner.


  1. Such a pretty wall hanging!! And cute bee blocks too.

  2. I like the wall hanging. I think I have all my blocks for September so I can start assembling my wall hanging for Get Your Hex On. Also, if you are interested in obtaining one of the traveling stashes I have it on my blog this week. I got some cute Tula Pink fabric out of the box plus other goodies.

  3. did you know that your 'older post' does not work?

  4. Your Christmas Star table runner is absolutly beautiful!! Great work!

  5. Wow! That star is amazing. I would use it as a wall hanging too.


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