September 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday - I've been Hijacked!

By a quilt-a-long, that is!

Isn't it fun when you get really excited about a new quilt block or project? And it's even more fun when you weren't planning on doing it, you are not on a deadline, and it's only for YOU!  That's why I am just giddy about the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone Quilt A Long (or #msbhqal for you Instagram folks - follow me for a blow by blow recap of the blocks).  

Here is my progress so far - these blocks are really easy to piece, cross my heart ;)

I just finished the two green blocks on the right today - up next are my reds - I cannot wait.
#msbhqal progress - These blocks are addictive!  Next

Check out the tutorial at Play-Crafts - you will be hooked.

Here's the aqua...

Aqua block x 2!

You know what my favorite part of this is? Digging through my scrap bins and falling in love with my fabric all over again. I'm so glad I've started saving every little bit!

This orange has some Dear Stella, Comma, Amy Butler, and Kate Spain.  As I gather my scraps, I smile remembering the project where they were first used...


See this pink one - it's got Kate Spain, Amy Butler, Robert Kaufman Dots, some Art Gallery in there... How can it not make you smile?

My first broken herringbone block - love it!

Another thing that makes me happy, watching Season 4 of The Good Wife while I piece these blocks...Have to get all caught up before the new season starts in a few weeks.  Anyone else DONE with summer t.v.?

I hope you are working on a project that makes you smile this week. I'm linking up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced - head over and see what fun she's having today!  It just so happens that Molli Sparkles is the guest blogger this week and you can see more of these fabulous blocks there as well!!


  1. Forgive me if I sound more excited about the Good Wife than about the Miss Thang's BHQAL, ...but I secretly (okay, well guess that's out) want to BE Alicia Florrick. <3. And <3 MS so y'know, this post is just fabulous.

  2. Love your blocks, Stacey! They are all scrumptious! Funny you were blogging about being highjacked while Molli was blogjacking Lee! Can't wait to see more of your progress.

  3. Love your blocks and I actually got some pretty interesting idea base on your pics! :-)

  4. Very pretty! Looks like it will be an awesome quilt!

  5. Great blocks. I'm really looking forward to making some of my own.

  6. I really like these blocks and would love to try one

  7. WOW! Going through your scrap bins would make me smile too :)

  8. Your BH blocks look fantastic. Ms. Molli will be proud!

  9. Your blocks look amazing! I've yet to start mine but hopefully I can make one or two this weekend :)

  10. Wow those blocks are awesome! They're so vibrant and beautiful!

  11. The blocks are looking great. The blues are my favorites!

  12. So funny that you're posting this as your WIP on the same day that Molli blogjacked Freshly Pieced! Your blocks are fab! This looks like a great way to use up scraps in a way that looks clean and fresh.

  13. I love your blocks. And it is so fun to go through and revisit your stash.
    have fun.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  14. Great blocks! Love your fabric picks - what a great way to remember quilts of the past!

  15. Yep... These definitely make me smile. If I had enough awesome scraps, I would make some! I love the thought of falling in love with my fabric again. :)


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