September 24, 2013

Project List - Some Accountability Needed

Lately, I feel the project list getting longer and longer while the finish list is not really moving.  Time for some good, old-fashioned accountability.  No better way than to lay it all out there, in all it's glory... The Project List (cue the angelic music)!!

With a retreat coming up in two weeks (YAY! Four whole days of sewing!), I should be able to knock out a few items. 

As an aside, part of my problem is that I cannot say "no" to any number of fabulous QAL's out there (hello Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone QAL and Penny Poppleton Marcelle Medallion QAL).  I simply *must* join in the fun - but isn't that what quilting is all about, anyway?? So, I say, "just do it!"

Here's my list, with some project pics as well.

Front Burners

Judy Niemeyer table runner - the top is finally done! I am SO proud of this paper pieced project - each star has 136 pieces!!!  But now, I am PARALYZED with fear over quilting this - anyone have some ideas to share?
Halloween Swap - 3 to 4 items, due on October 15th.  I just finished a folded fabric ornament and a friendship bag - now I need to focus on a couple other items. I need to knock out  these by the retreat!

Broken Herringbone QAL - I've completed 18 out of my 25 blocks on this one. If I can get the blocks done before the retreat, I can possibly put it all together that weekend. Here is an overview of my color scheme - rainbow-y goodness!

Swoon  - two blocks left to go!

Double Wedding Ring - waiting for pieces to come back from laser cutting. Really want to get this going during the retreat
Commissioned T-shirt quilt - materials ordered, t-shirts cut, fusing up next.
Commissioned baby boy quilt - awaiting decisions on materials
Commissioned newborn photography quilts - 1 top pieced, second one about 1/2 done
Russian Rubix - will I ever get to this?? I want to do it so badly, but without an intended recipient, or a deadline it keeps getting pushed further back on this to-do list

Wow! I have so much to get done! I am linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced today - hope to bask in some inspiration over there today :)

Happy stitching!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Did you know there are only 90 days left until Christmas, Stacey? Your Winter Wonderland table runner is just gorgeous! Sorry, but I don't know what to suggest for the quilting. And your rainbow broken herringbone blocks - BEAUTIFUL! I could not resist joining in that one, too!

  2. Your list is longer than mine. I think Russian Rubix is next on my list. I just need to cut the background fabric and then I can get started.

  3. Your white and red stars are beautiful. So delicate. So pretty.

  4. That table runner is spectacular! No way would I have the patience to paper piece that! Well done!

  5. Yes the table runner is spectacular! I love red and white, but I would not have the patience either. Such a pity, because I think your table runner soooooo beautiful!!!!

  6. Wow , beautiful table runner. Your WIP is just as long as mine. :-) I hope to see progress in your next post.

  7. Stacy, I love your Winter Wonderland Table Runner... It is Magnificant... You did a great job on it.... Phyllis (from the Halloween Sewing Swap)

  8. That's a great list Stacey! I feel the same way about QALs. I just want to do them all LOL. And those poor quilts that keep getting pushed to the bottom :( I have a few of those that I am excited to finish but that are challenging me in some way so I put them off for the easy or urgent ones.

  9. Your table runner is spectacular and I would be nervous about quilting it too... Good Luck!

  10. That is quite the list! I think I would be scared about quilting your table runner after you've put so much work in - maybe keep it simple and let the piecing shine - even some hand quilting in white perle just to outline the blocks?


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