August 4, 2013


Boy, we quilters love our scraps don't we?  I was just thinking about a funny story that I thought I would share with you  - maybe you can relate...

About 4 years ago, I was just starting out quilting and didn't have much of a stash, at all.  I had finished maybe one or two quilts and was just starting to get the itch to create more.  I joined my local guild because they have workshops that you can attend for a discounted rate.  So, I signed up for my first worshop.  I was WAY out of my league, but I was excited to try something new.  At the beginning of the workshop, a lady made an announcement that if we had any scraps for the day that we were going to throw away, please set them aside for her, because she liked to make scrappy quilts.  Nothing was too small, she said.

I have to admit, I thought the poor lady had lost her mind... At every break, she would walk around and collect up scraps that no one wanted and sew them together. Why in the world would you want pieces of fabric that small?

Well, since then I have been to many more workshops, even a retreat, and someone is always collecting scraps.  In fact, at my last retreat, one lady spent the whole weekend sewing up pinwheels from the leftover triangles from my Swoon quilt. They were adorable, but honestly I would have just thrown them in the trash!

Since that first workshop, I have come to understand the value of the stash, and the scrap bin.  I now have 7 shoeboxes full of various scraps (plus two bags that haven't been sorted yet) and I have even, willingly I might add, taken scraps from friends who were destashing so I could have a really scrappy quilt look even scrappier.

I beamed with pride when I announced to my husband that my Christmas hexagon quilt had 114 different Christmas fabrics in them, thanks to an online Christmas charm swap.  I have even, I am not afraid to admit, picked a piece of fabric out of the trash and moved it over to the scrap bin

My 2009 quilter-self is aghast at my 2014 quilter-self :)  In 2009, I would have thought "scrappy" meant "leftover" or "what I didn't want to use in the first place."  Now, I know that scrappy is exactly the opposite.  It's the fabrics I loved so much I couldn't part with!  There's something about the scrappiest of quilts - we admire what our fellow quilter's went through to accumulate such a treasure trove of scraps.

Why the change in my attitude? Well, for one - the precious fabric that we love so much is EXPENSIVE.  When you invest so much in building up your stash, it hurts a lot when you throw anything in the trash.   Secondly, I think we buy fabric because we really LOVE it (crazy sounding, I know, but its true!) and we don't want to throw away something we love. "But I might make a hexagon out of that 2" square scrap, and wouldn't that just be perfectly adorable" we say.

Here is an homage to some scrap-tastic quilts I've found online.  
I have grand designs for some of my own this year. 
Patchwork Prism Front 1
Patchwork Prism by Marci

Log cabins...
scrappy stash quilt along
Scrappy Stash by Ellison Lane Quilts
Ziggy Strings finished!
Ziggy Strings by Rachel at Stitched In Color

Hexies... oh my!
The Completed Hexie Hexagon!
Hexie Hexagon by Poppi - no repeats!
Here's an adorable pillow project using 150 2" scraps: so cute!

Craft Foxes

Do you love scrappy quilts, too?


  1. I totally love scrap quilts. I always have plans for my scraps. I especially like to sew up wonky log cabin blocks with my scraps.

  2. Scrappy quilts are my favourite - some of the quilts that got me into quilting in the first place were ones made from selveges, scraps and salvaged vintage fabrics. I'm all about holding onto every last scrap of a fabric you love.

  3. I'm on the beginning of my quilt journey so am only just starting on my scrap stash, but having decided that someday I would like to make a scrap vomit quilt and recenty done a class in Improv, it's safe to say that my scrap stash will be high, and my dustbin empty.....!!!!!

  4. Love it! I've been trying to use as many of my scraps and stash as possible lately - and just like you when I first started, I threw away practically everything. My 2013 self cringes at the little goodies that could have come from those :)

  5. I adore those little bits of fabric! I love the challenge of creating something beautiful from what is "unwanted" or leftover. I admit, I am that person that drags home everyone else' scraps.

  6. Yes, I do like scrappy quilts. Especially all the ones posted above. I haven't sewn many myself but I really, really need to because I have A LOT of scraps. :)

  7. Absolutely love scrappy quilts. If you've never visited Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site, you'll really "get the fever". She has tons of free patterns. I'm about to take my third class from her. She is just fantastic!!!

  8. Love scrappy quilts. Haven't finished one...yet ;)
    Do you think you can have a modern design and be scrappy too?
    Your homage is a real gem! Let's here it for scraps!!

  9. I LOVE scrappy quilts! There is something so fun and whimsical about them!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  10. As quilters most of us are making them for others. So the scraps are a reminder of the quilt you made for a certain person. A scrappy quilt can share sooooo many memories for you as a quilter.

  11. Oh I love scrappy quilts. I haven't been able to acquire enough scraps to complete a quilt. But working on it :)

  12. Oh yes, we loooove srappy. I made lots of srappy Projects!!! They are the most satisfying Projects :)

  13. I just got back from my holiday and am playing catch up, thanks so much for linking up! Your scrap bins look fab, and bursting with pretty fabrics. My scrap stash is not really very established yet but I'd love to be able to make a quilt like the prism one above one day :o)


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