July 12, 2013

Third Quarter Finish-A-Long Link Up

It's been a week since my last blog post and the kids and I travelled to my parents' house, my brother's house and back.  Have I unpacked our clothes yet? No! Have I sewed much of anything this week? No!  My husband painted a large portion of the house while we were gone and all of the furniture is still piled out of the way.  Have we put it all back together yet? No!

It seems as if I need a little kick in the pants, don't you think?

I'm going to link up my Third Quarter projects with Leanne at She Can Quilt.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll be accountable and get some stuff crossed off the list!!

1.  Cozy Campground Quilt

2.  Commission Quilt for Jennifer 

3.  Swoon - blogged here - 5 6 (as of tonight) of 9 blocks completed!

Gosh, I love these blocks!!

4.  String Quilt - I was given a bag full of strings and I want to make something with them - thinking about doing the Ziggy Strings tutorial from Stitched In Color.

5. Rainbow Charms - I have 120 charms in luscious rainbow colors from a recent charm swap - whatever will I do with them.  They are just staring at me, dying to be stitched together.

Your Rainbow Charms!!

6.  Hexagon pillow (or small baby quilt) - I'm letting this project develop as I go. I don't know where it will end up - it's a mystery, even to me.  Using two Posy mini charm packs.

Whew - I am going to be a busy lady this quarter. What is on your list? I'd love to know!


  1. OOOO great options for this quarter :) I've got 10 quilts actively in progress at the moment YIKES!

  2. I am think about using my charms for this quilt. http://www.freshlemonsquilts.com/?p=1016

  3. I LOVE THAT SWOON BLOCK!!! lol I have no idea what I will get to do this quarter.
    Have fun

  4. That second swoon block!? Die. Love the Comma with the FMF, what an awesome combo! Try the Ziggy Strings tutorial. I had so much fun doing my ziggy quilt. It's an easy block to manipulate into doing what you want it to do. And it's a quick-sewing block because it doesn't require a lot of precision--I was doing eight per a 2-3 hour sewing session towards the end.

  5. That red links fabric is adorable. I love everything you're working on! Me? Bee blocks, they never stop, plus a second rose star quilt.

  6. LOVE those swoons, too! Wow! What fabric is that? (I'm sure it's there and I've just missed it.. sorry if that's the case!)

    1. fabrics are from - Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy, Comma and Oh Deer! . Glad you enjoyed!!


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