June 13, 2013

Kate Spain Blog Hop Link Up

I've been following this fun blog hop over at Blossom Heart Quilts dedicated to all things Kate Spain! What a great idea, I wish I had thought of it myself. I adore Kate Spain... especially Flurry, Terrain and Honey Honey, just to name a few. I've made quilts using all three, which I am linking up today.

Kate Spain blog hop

First, my Flurry star - I made this last year after hoarding a jelly roll and some yardage for almost a year (isn't it funny how we do that?).  I saw this quilt on the cover of McCall's Quilting and knew I wanted to give it a try.  I embroidered a fun little saying in the top left corner as well - the cool aqua along with the traditional green and red were genius combinations by Kate Spain, in my opinion :)

Flurry Christmas Star

Flurry Star Embroidery

I wish I had a better close up of this next one - it uses lots of the orange and pink colorways from Terrain, another amazing line!  This was made for my friend Amy's daughter to go on her "big girl bed" and I just love orange/hot pink for little girls. So modern, but also feminine as well. I'm still hoarding a few pieces left in this line - waiting for the perfect project!


And finally, probably my FAVORITE line (I say that every time a new line comes out, by the way) by Kate Spain is Honey, Honey.  Something about the little bees and also back to my fun orange/pink obsession. I made this lattice quilt with charm squares cut from this line.  The tutorial for that quilt can be found here.  

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me - go check out the other links in the Kate Spain linky party and see what other quilters are making with Kate's gorgeous fabric.


  1. your flurry star is GORGEOUS! I love those colors.

  2. That star is awesome! Strip-piecing and then make HSTs?? So effective! And I LOVED the lattice quilt when I saw it in the Charm Madness hop - so clever! Thanks for link up!

  3. Great quilts! And love the photography on the Lattice quilt!

  4. They are fabulous! Love the colours!!!
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  5. Love all of these - but especially the star. Brilliant work :-)

  6. Lovin your quilts...as usual! Thanks for sharing!

  7. The lattice quilt is very cute.

  8. I adore Flurry as well. Lovely work, so cute with the embroidery!

  9. Gorgeous but flurry is my favorite! Nice job!!

  10. They are lovely quilts, I especially love the flurry star. It is the pink and orange I love too in Kate Spain's ranges. I just made a Zakka pepper coaster in pink and orange from Cuzco!

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