March 7, 2013

U.S. Postal Service FAIL and other tidbits

Almost had a disaster with one of my bee blocks being returned to me from Canada.  Thank goodness my hive-mate put the block in a Ziploc bag...  Somehow, the Post Office's heading "We Care" didn't really give me any comfort.  As my 6-yr old would say, EPIC FAIL.


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In other news, I finished this improv hexie block for Mara in my Get Your Hex On! hive.  We have 2 spots left in Hive #3 and then I'm done adding to the bee for a while.  The sign up sheet is here if you are interested - come join us, we're having a blast.  Mara let us all come up with our own block this month and just had us add this adorable little scooter in the top left or bottom right. 

March block for Mara

I thought I was over the novelty print fabrics until I ran across Dr. Seuss' "Oh, the Places You'll Go" in these bright, juicy colors.  Is it just me, or does this book make you cry? 

My assistant at work is having a baby in June and I thought a quilt in this fabric plus the book would make an adorable gift. What do you think?  I just LOVE the wonky rainbow.

For those of you with little kids, I ran across this on Pinterest (where else) and I'm going to do this for the boys - the parent had each of the child's teachers from K-12 sign the book and give it as a graduation gift.  What a special gift!!

Have a wonderful weekend - check back here Sunday for a big announcement!


  1. Oh No!!!!! I'm glad it came in unscathed. I've been contemplating using bubble envelopes for bee blocks just to be safe. I read somewhere in blogland that it was a good idea. Looks like its a good idea.

  2. I spy Daisy Jane fabrics in your hex block.

    1. Yes they are and the scooter is organic too!

  3. Oh wow!!! Glad it came through in the end.

  4. I love the block you made for me, just perfect!
    Your Assistants baby will be one lucky duck, what a great idea.

  5. What a great idea, the book and the fabrics. :D I'm doing a similar match-up with The Owl and the Pussycat.

    Hey - I came over to your blog since my Flikr is completely inaccessible (so I can't leave a reply to the cool block you linked at BOMs Away). Love the scooter block here, too!

  6. What a wonderful idea for a new baby gift!


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