February 5, 2013

WIP - Pincushions!

Somehow, I've never made a pincushion before!  It seems like everywhere I go these days, I'm always seeing really cute ones and I figured it was about time for me to try them out. 

It just so happens that I have two occasions coming up this month to share.  First, I'm in a Friendship Bag Swap and I want to include a pincushion to my mystery swap partner.  She likes bright colors and I wanted to have something orange for her. 

The second one is going to be for a meet up and swap at QuiltCon hosted by Alyssa at Pile O' Fabric here in Austin.  So, I rummaged around some magazines and found this itty bitty paper pieced pineapple that is going to be my pincushion top.  I'm kinda obsessing with paper piecing lately and this seemed like a fun little challenge. 

Pincushions WIP

Yes, that's a 4" pineapple with 31 pieces!! It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would - about an hour each.  The one on the right has been all put together except for the filling.

Here's the closeup of the orange:

Itty bitty pineapple for pincushion - so cute!

Aren't they just too cute!

So, here's a question I would love input on - what do you fill your pincushions with? I've heard crushed walnut shells, but I thought I would see what you guys think...  Thanks for the input and have a great week.  I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for her always inspiring WIP Wednesday linky party! Go check out what everyone is working on today :)
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
OH, and I almost forgot - I'm trying to fill up a second hive of my new bee Get Your Hex On!! This is a bee dedicated to all things hexie and so far we are having a blast! Read all of the details down below or click here - we have 4 more spots open, so please check us out!!  


  1. I use lizard litter found at the pet store!

  2. i am so hooked on paper piecing right now too. Your pincushions are going to be gorgeous!! I use crushed walnuts shells in my pincushions that i buy locally at a quilt shop.

  3. They're lovely! I've never tried pp something that small, but that orange one is beautiful. =) It would definitely match my sewing room.

    Popping over from the linky at Freshly Pieced and newly following your blog.

  4. I use crushed walnuts that I found at the pet store.

  5. I dry out my coffee grounds for pincushion stuffing.


  6. I used Lizard Litter from the pet store when I made mine. It's crushed walnuts and I like it because it sharpens the pins every time you use it. Or so they say. I will say that I had bad luck with a pincushion I got once that was filled with polyfil because every time the needles just went right through it.

  7. Those look wonderful. They do go easier then they look when paper pieced. I would suggest walnut shells.

  8. I am in awe of 4 inch pineapple blocks. They are incredible.

  9. Those pineapple blocks are just beautiful. I admire work like that especially because I know I would never do it myself.

  10. CUTE blocks! I have made a little pouch filled with rice, placed at the bottom of my pincushion and then covered with polyfill. However, I am by NO MEANS the expert on pincushions! I just like to use what I have on hand. ;)

  11. Oh, those pincushion (cases) are so cute! Paper piecing sure is awesome for making detailed blocks like this:) And love your bright colors!

  12. love the pincushion and jealous that you are going to QC!

  13. Those are some impressive pineapple blocks and so tiny! I've heard good things about using crushed walnut shells, but usually I just use polyfill. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  14. I do not use walnut shells as I have a daughter allergic to peanuts and I would be afraid that there might be peanuts in with the walnuts.

    So, I have used tiny rocks for fish tanks for the weight and then polyfill over that so the needles can stick.

    If you are sending out to someone, whatever you use to fill, just make sure they are not allergic.


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