February 17, 2013

The Liebster Award

I have been nominated a few times for a fun bloggy award, the Liebster Award, and I would like you to know... I accept!!  Thank you to Erin, Chelsie, Jess and Derrith for nominating me. What an honor to know people  like my little slice of the blogosphere.  So, in order to be eligible, a blog must be less than six months old or have fewer than 200 followers.  To participate, you

1) Provide 11 random pieces of information about themselves;
2) Answer 11 questions posed by the person that nominated them; and 
3) Nominate 11 other blogs and pose their own questions.

Because I was nominated a few times, I'll choose some of my favorites questions and compile the list of 11 - hey, it's my award I can change the rules if I want!!!

1. What's your favorite movie?  The Princess Bride

2.  Tell me something about the town you grew up in.  I grew up in a small town in Southern Louisiana named Opelousas.  No one can EVER pronounce it correctly.  Go ahead, try it out.  It's AW-pull-ew-sus :)

3. Where do you think you got your "quilty" or "crafty" gene? My mom would say she has NO idea where it came from.  I like to think I got the gene from my grandmother who was a magnificent crocheter, but no one in my immediate or extended family quilts.  Go figure
.  I like to think that I found quilting as a counterbalance to the rigidity of my day job!

What is your most favorite quilt block you've ever made?  I'm going to have to say the sailboat blocks I make for my son's quilt this last year. They were so cute and really not too difficult, just loads of HST's!


5.  What's the reasoning behind your blog's title? It was actually my husband's suggestion - you know at first, a lot of my quilts came out a little, um, crooked?? So, he said I had a Tilted Quilt - we laughed because it reminded us of the restaurant the Tilted Kilt, and I guess it just stuck.

6. Do you have a name for your sewing machine? No, I probably should name her though, she's lovely!!

7. How many sewing machines do you own (and what brand(s) are they)? (and if you have a picture of "Betty" or "Violet", please, post!)  I own two - my trusty old Kenmore from Sears that I've had for about 12 years now but only started using about 4 years ago and my new fabulous Baby Lock Ellure Plus that is a sewing and embroidering machine.  I love her!

8.What kind of space do you create in (i.e. a spare room, the dining room, the basement, a closet) do tell!  When we moved into our current house, there was an extra room added on to the master bathroom.  It's a great little space that has become my sewing studio.  The hubby built me this great table based on one I saw on Pinterest, and it's a great cutting/ironing surface with great storage.  Here are a few photos: 

Awesome shelf built by hubby!
My design wall and my favorite quilt made by the members of the AAQG
The sewing room
9. What does your significant other think about your crafty ways?  He loves it - he is so supportive of it as a hobby because he knows it makes me happy!

10. Have you ever participated in an online/virtual Bee? Which one(s)? I am currently in two - Color Bee Shocked and the new bee that I just started (a first for me) called Get Your Hex On! We are now filling up our THIRD Hive!!
11. What are you most proud of in your life?  I'm sure it's a little cliche, but it is definitely my two boys - they are the light of my life.  They challenge me every day but yet we still manage to laugh all the time.  They are amazing!


Random things I love:  my morning coffee, the smell of lavender, almost any kind of lemon dessert, vegetable gardens, wine, new shoes, Downton Abbey, and (duh!) fabric!

OK, so enough about me!! Let's talk about the blogs I am going to nominate for the next round of the Liebster Award - and they are:

KelliQuilter Kel
Mara @ Travel Through Greece
Deanna @Learning to Sew as I Go
Elita @ Busy Needle
Sabrina @ Sabie Sews

Questions for my nominees:

  1. What is the last quilt you completed - show a picture?
  2. Are you in any quilting bees?
  3. When did you start quilting/crafting?
  4. Tell me about your family.
  5. What's your favorite color?
  6. What new piecing/quilting technique do you want to learn?
  7. Where were you born and raised? Do you still live nearby?
  8. Have you ever entered a quilt in a quilt show?
  9. What are your quilty goals for 2013?
  10. Why did you decide to start your blog?
  11. What's the largest/smallest project you've ever completed.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about each of you soon!

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    1. Congrats on being recognized! I received this award a few weeks ago.
      I didn't realize you were from Opelousas! I live in N. Louisiana about 45 mi. south of Shreveport in Logansport - right on the TX border.
      Where do you live now?


    I really love hearing from you ~ thanks for your comments!