January 21, 2013

Tips & Tricks Tuesday Link Up - Hexagons, of course!

Since I'm all ga-ga for hexagons these days, I thought today I would share two instructional videos from Piece O' Cake designs in case anyone is looking for new ways to make hexagons.  I regularly follow Becky Goldsmith's blog and website - she's begun posting instructional videos which are FANTASTIC.  I was lucky enough to take a two-day course from her last year on appliqué and I really learned so much.  I've referred back to these videos often when I felt like I needed a refresher on some of my techniques.

The first video is a basic instruction for EPP but the second one is a new method for basting using a glue pen.  Who knew?  She claims it's fast and easy and if Becky says it, I believe it! It looks so easy that I think I might have to try it with my Get Your Hex On! bee.

I'm linking up this post today with Rachel who is guest hosting Tips & Tricks for Erin (hint, I'll be hosting in February!).  Rachel has a super organized way of keeping all of her sewing patterns and ideas in one place, so go check her out here!!

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