October 16, 2012

Sewing Room Must-Haves

I couldn't really come up with an earth shattering post idea, so here are five things I couldn't live without in my sewing room:

(1) Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors - and they are!  I bought these at a workshop I attended - they are sharp, they are slightly serrated and they are awesome!

(2) Pilot FriXion pen - this changed my sewing life. No more chalk that doesn't show up - I can write on my fabric with a pen and it disappears with the touch of an iron.  I bought mine at my local quilt shop, but you can buy them at Office Depot as well.  This is a MUST for making half-square triangles in my preferred method.

(3) Fons and Porter Quarter Inch Seam Markers - hard to tell from the picture but this is a great tool.  It helps me make my HST's as mentioned above - it shows you exactly 1/4 inch from a straight line.   But I end up using this for lots of other tasks as well - especially small cutting projects

(4) Aurifil Thread - I've tried lots of different threads, but I keep coming back to Aurifil.  It's high quality and very sturdy. I use it for piecing and quilting and haven't been disappointed!  The Jolly Jabber is doing a big Aurifil giveaway now on their blog - check it out!

(5) Mary Ellen's Best Press - this is great for when you want to crisp up your fabric - it smells great and doesn't have the starchy feel to it!  I'm using it quite a bit these days to stabilize my hexagons and I just love it!  I like the Lavender Fields scent.

Linking up to Sew At Home Mummy for Tips & Tricks Tuesday - she has an awesome post today on adding social media icons to your blog.


  1. Thanks for linking up today, Stacey! And I love your post! Have added a few of those items to my Amazon wishlist! :)

  2. Ooh I just ordered a Frixon pen - can't wait to try it! Lately I've been bad and have just used a pen from my purse but only if it's where the lines won't show!! I'm going to have to look for those scissors!


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