September 30, 2012

Some New Tricks and a Finish!

Thanks to my husband taking the boys out of town, this has been a very productive quilty weekend for me!  Yesterday, I spent the day in a quilting workshop sponsored by the Austin Area Quilt Guild and I learned how to make Angle Play blocks using Margaret Miller's templates and techniques.  I was very nervous about the class because, maybe like a lot of you, I have been sticking to squares and half-square triangles and haven't ventured out a whole lot outside of my comfort zone.  So, I decided to go for it.  And the results, if I do say so myself, were pretty cool.  I used some left over fabric from my husband's man quilt - I wasn't sure I wanted to invest in new fabric if I was only going to make a few blocks - and thought, at worst I could make a table runner out of the blocks.  So here are two of the sample blocks:

The cool thing about this is that the four templates in Set 1 can be used to make something like 25 blocks and there are really endless possibilities.  It was a lot of fun and opened my eyes to a whole new genre of quilting.  Here's a peek of some great Angle Play quilts from the Margaret Miller website. So, I guess I can add an Angle Play quilt to my quilty bucket list!  I'm thinking this will definitely end up a table runner because I like the blocks a lot and who can't use an extra table runner, right?

And, in other quilting news, I finally finished my Flurry Star Quilt!  The pics aren't great but here she is!

I added an embroidered block in the top right hand corner that I found last year on Urban Threads - and I think it really adds a fun element to the quilt.

I quilted this a lot more densely than I normally do and I did a grid pattern in each of the 8 star points (I honestly don't know what I was thinking, that was SO time consuming - but the result is so great).

So, I think I may need a day or two break from my 48-hour quilt extravaganza.  I need to get some laundry done and some serious kitchen scrubbing.  Ah, who am I kidding, I'm already itching to cut into my next project...


  1. Love the embroidered block. So creative! Such a cute Christmas quilt. : )

  2. Stunning!!! Awesome quilting :) Love the added embroidery too!


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