March 14, 2012

The Project List

The project list is getting longer every day! How can I keep up with them all? Maybe if I put them here, I will remain somewhat accountable for them all.  So, here it goes... in priority order (this does not mean I am necessarily working on them in this order ;)

  1. Baby Quilts for the new Aghamalian Twins (Dash and Leighton) Dash's  is DONE... YAY! Leighton's top is pieced, just have to create the label, put it on the back and quilt.  Jenny picked the most adorable fabrics for the nursery and bought extra for me to make quilts. I didn't end up using a pattern, just mixed strips with simple patchwork and they look so cute!  The babies were born in January - but newborns don't really NEED their quilts right away, do they?  I should be posting these two very very soon. Can't wait for the big reveal.
  2. Purse for my mom - DONE - just finished it today!  The pattern is "Kati's Favorite Bag" by KatiCupcake - it did it without the grommets because, well, I was afraid of the grommets.  Maybe next time.  It's still totally cute and I've now done this same pattern in two different sets of fabrics.  I have plans to do one for myself for the summer.  I guess I better add that to the project list!

3. Dr. Seuss napping quilt for Will - top is pieced,  just need to label and quilt.  No pattern - just used a Dr. Seuss panel and coordinating fabrics. 
4.Making two car seat quilts just to have in my inventory for a baby gift as needed.  Click here for the cute pattern:  Sophie Car Seat Quilt
5. Flurry Star Quilt - found this on the cover of McCall's Quilting - must have done by Christmas 2012: 
6. Tipsy Quilt Kit from Fons and Porter - this was in the first quilting magazine I ever received - and I couldn't resist when it went on sale.  Don't know who will receive it yet, or when I can work on it - but hopefully I will get to it soon.
7. "Big Girl Quilt" for little Charlotte - something with owls - need lots of work on this one!
8.  Another purse for myself (see #2 above!).

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