March 26, 2012

The Land of Misfits (aka Abandoned Class Projects)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedI take classes with the best of intentions.  Usually it's to learn a new technique or skill that I haven't ever tried before.  It's the main reason why I joined the Austin Area Quilt Guild - they do bring in nationally renowned teachers with fabulous classes.   I even sometimes get motivated to tackle something bigger than I would normally because of the cheerleading of the teacher.

And then...  the class ends.  And the projects, well, they sit.  And sit... And sit...

Here are a couple favorites:

This is a folded star pillow from a class I took at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last year - not too big of a commitment, right? A pillow? Well, for some reason when I got home it just didn't excite me as much as it did in the class. I like the colors, but can't seem to take the next step on this one.

This was actually a no-machine-needed project - very cool technique.
This little puppy is the product of a fantastic two-day class by Becky Goldsmith from Piece O'Cake.  It's one block from her Whirlygig pattern.  It's where I learned paper piecing and hand appliqué techniques.  This was extremely time intensive, but I was really impressed with the final block.  I cannot IMAGINE doing a whole quilt like this - it would probably take me about 10 years.

There are more of these sad, unfinished projects.  I'll have to share them again someday soon.  Do you have any unfinished projects you'd like to share?
I'm throwing this out there for W.I.P. Wednesdays by Freshly Pieced...

For those who checked in with me last week, I'm pleased to show my last week's W.I.P. finished!!


  1. Your finished quilt is lovely! The colors are great, springy and happy but not pastel or overdone. I like that whirlygig block- it does look super time intensive. I finally had a studio clearing out last fall and finished about 8 mini-quilts (all made out of those single test-class blocks) just to finish them. Some I gave away, some I've hung up. I keep thinking I should donate some of them to quilt show auctions or AAQI, but I've not gotten around to that yet.

    1. Great idea - I may have to do something like that. I really would like to turn the Whirlygig into something, its just too fun to let that one go :)

  2. Wow! Is that Whirlygig amazing.You did a fantastic job.

  3. Love the whirlygig block. I'm in the process of making circle blocks for two separate BOM"s. Both are hand stitched. I think I must have been insane when I signed up, but they are fun and at least I'm making a different one each time.
    I really like the look of the folded star, very pretty.
    I've only ever finished one thing that I started in a class and that was a French Roses quilt that I made last year.

    1. Hopefully I'll finish one someday - thanks for stopping by to check out the blog!


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