March 31, 2015


Although I regularly connect with many of you on Instagram, I wanted to take a few minutes to catch up with you on my current project list.   I have actually been doing quite a bit of sewing at night and for my birthday, I asked for a quilting retreat which I just did over the weekend. So, there is lots to show-and-tell.

First, a finish! I did finally finish up my Modern Building Blocks kit. 

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This is probably my favorite quilt to date and there is TONS of Instagram action on this quilt (#modernbuildingblocks) if you want to see all the great variations out there. My friend Emily longarmed it for me and we decided that straight line quilting was really the way to go on this.  I just love, love, love this quilt.

Second, I have been working on a baby quilt for a friend.  I found the easiest block tutorial over at Bee in My Bonnet's blog and also on Instagram.  And voila, a week or so later, I had this adorable top.  Now, just to get it quilted and gifted - how fun and bright for a sweet little baby girl. 

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Third, I have been working on this Night Sky quilt by Jaybird Quilts for my son Will. He picked out the pattern and the colors, and I set out on an adventure with 60 degree triangles.  Lots and lots of 60 degree triangles.  I have to tell you though, Jaybird Quilts' Sidekick ruler and pattern is amazing!  I don't say this lightly, she has the best instructions and patterns of any designer out there. 

 I chose to do a queen size version of her quilt (I am still scratching my head over this - the crazy things we do for our kids!!!), with 84 half hexagon blocks. Her rulers help you achieve precision piecing with very little room for error.  One tip, starch is your friend!

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So, now I can check this top off my list.  I am going to have it custom quilted, but I am anxiously awaiting some fabric that isn't in stores yet for a backing and then will send it off to my longarmer.

And, because I love her quilts so much, next on my cutting table is also from Jaybird Quilts - it's called Gravity.  It uses her Super Sidekick ruler, which is just a larger version of the Sidekick, as well as the Hex n' More ruler. I can't wait to get this started!  I bought the kit from Fat Quarter Shop and you will love the fabric variations in this quilt - with something like 100+ different shades of Kona.

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And, finally, because I just cannot resist a Swoon quilt, I am making a second swoon quilt in Solids.  I gifted my first Swoon and love the pattern too much not to have one of my own. And because 2015 is the Year of the Solid here at the Tilted Quilt, I have decided to do my Swoon in solids.  Here is my progress so far.  I can tell you honestly, there isn't a Swoon quilt out there that I don't love. 

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The last thing is my upcoming project. I am challenging myself in a way that I don't think I have ever challenged myself with quilting. I bought this pattern and, folks, let me tell you, I am quaking in my heels over this one. It's very small (about 36"x 36") AND incredibly detailed.  It is called Fly Away by Jacqueline De Jonge and this one is going to be interesting. I have the pattern, but haven't selected fabrics yet.  That alone may take me a year. I will keep you posted, dear friends!

Whew, that's a lot to catch up on - what have you been working on?

I haven't done this in a while, but I'm also linking up to Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday link party. Jump over there for some fun inspiration and a little April Foolishness too!

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February 11, 2015

Tap.Tap.Tap. Is this thing on?

I feel terrible that I haven't paid any attention to my little blog in the last few months.  Between holidays and a brand new job I have not had a lot of time for sewing.  In the little time that I have had, I've managed to finish my Modern Building Blocks quilt.  It is by far my most favorite quilt I have ever made, you just have to see it!

You can see all of my finishes and WIPs on Instagram, which has been my main mode of communication with the quilty world lately. Won't you pop on over and follow me? I'll follow you right back and we can share quilty news more regularly. Deal?


I'll work up a big post soon with my finishes, promise!!

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October 24, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Double Wedding Ring

I'm excited to once again enter the Blogger's Quilt Festival and show you my Red and White Double Wedding Ring. 

Quilt Stats:
Red and White Double Wedding Ring
64" x 86"
15" rings in a 6 x 8 layout
Fabrics: Red and White from my stash
Pieced with 50 wt. Aurifil thread
Exquisitely quilted by my friend Vickie West

I adore this quilt - it checks off two bucket list items: a red/white quilt and a double wedding ring.

Here is a detailed shot of the quilting - done by my amazing friend Vickie

Here were some in progress shots along the way - I blogged a lot about this - here, here and here.  I had the quilt laser cut which I HIGHLY recommend for something this precise. 

Click here to check out the amazing quilts in this year's festival - they are always so inspirational!  You will find my quilt in the "Large" category.  Enjoy!

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October 15, 2014

Peppermint Kisses, Solstice Dreams

I have a new feature today at the Moda Bake Shop  - go check it out or view it in its entirety below :)


Hi everyone, I'm Stacey from The Tilted Quilt and I am so thrilled to share another pattern tutorial with you. I don't care how hot it still is here in Texas, this will make you dream of Christmas and you will find yourself humming a Christmas carol!

When I first saw this fabric line, I immediately started dreaming up a fun quilt design - and for some reason, I kept thinking about peppermint candies.  After playing around in EQ7 for a bit, this was my original inspiration rendering.

I didn't end up doing the double border, but you could definitely play around with the layout for your quilt.

I have to say, Kate Spain's Solstice line is just gorgeous. The fabrics do not disappoint. I was so excited to get my hands on it and play around.  This pattern has a little something for everyone - patchwork and paper-piecing.  As I can attest from personal experience, when I really want precision, I love to  paper piece.

  •  1/2 yard each of 5 different green fabrics
  • 4 3/4 yard background fabric
  • 1 1/2 yards red "Peppermint stripe"
  • 1 yard border
  • 1/2 yard binding
  • 4 yards backing fabric
I used 27187-21 for the Peppermint Stripe, 27185-11 for the border and 27181-11 for the binding.  I used the white tone-on-tone for the background and a gorgeous floral for the backing.


 First we will start with the Square-In-A-Square unit.

Square in a Square
Next, we will create the Striped Flying Geese units
This is the setup I like to use when paper piecing.  I've got several posts (here and here) that can help you if you are a first time paper piecer, but I will walk you through the steps here as well.

I use the add-a-quarter ruler method.  You will need an add-a-quarter ruler, a postcard, a rotary cutter , mat, and an iron close by!


  Trim the paper unit and cover it with a green rectangle.  The right side of the fabric is facing up and the printed side of the foundation is facing down.


Flip the unit over so the printed side of the fabric is facing you and the right side of the fabric is facing away from you.
Using your postcard, fold the paper over and trim 1/4 inch from the line between 1 and 2 (in the picture below, I actually started on the other side, but in this unit, since they are the same on both sides, it really doesn't matter).


Flip back over.  This is what your trimmed fabric looks like.  Remember, the fabric is right side up, and the printed foundation is right side down.


Take a piece of white fabric, and place it face down, lined up with the trimmed edge of the green fabric.

Flip the unit over and sew on the line between the 1 and the 2. Use a shorter stitch length, I recommend 1.6. Backstitch at the beginning and end to lock in the seam - this helps when it comes time to rip out your papers.

Flip the paper over & finger press or iron the white fabric.
Flip the paper over again, and place your postcard on the line between the 2 and the 3. Flip the paper over, line up the add-a-quarter ruler and trim.

The next section is the red peppermint stripe (section 3).  Using the same method, add the red fabric. Flip, press, flip and trim as noted above.
Continue on with the white fabric (section 4)
Using the same method as described above, trim the green fabric and repeat all steps for sections 5, 6 and 7.
Trim the entire unit using the 1/4" seam allowance line as your guide.
That completes our striped flying geese.  Each block contains four flying geese units.  Keep your paper attached to the fabric at this point, it helps later when you are lining up your units to sew together.
 Last, we have our striped square unit.
striped square
Using the same method as for the striped flying geese, you will paper piece these units. Start with the center background strip and work your way out. Trim the blocks using the 1/4 inch seam around the square as a guide.
Make four striped square units per block.
Once you have four  striped flying geese, four striped squares and a square-in-a-square unit,  will piece them together as shown below for  your final block! Voila!
peppermint kisses block
When piecing the blocks together, I left the papers in until all of the rows within each block were pieced.
I then removed the papers and sewed the block together, taking care to make sure the peppermint stripes lined up.  Once you do the first block, you will get the hang of how it best fits together to make your lines seamless.
The final quilt contains 20 blocks, laid out in a 4 x 5 orientation and measures 58" x 70".  I added a border using 5 1/2" strips for a 5 inch finished border.
I hope you enjoy - please feel free to contact me directly through my blog with any questions or concerns, especially if you are a first time paper-piecer.